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Posted on 25th August 2011 by radi0053



What is Geotechnical Drilling?

Geotechnical Drilling is drilling which is often related to the construction of a structure such as a building. It can be part of the construction process as well as part of the investigation process conducted on site before the structure is built. This process can be performed  by RADISE DRILLING SERVICES Which specializes in providing geotechnical drilling services under the supervision of a geotechnical engineer who remains present to make sure that the drilling meets the needs of the project. We also offer other drilling services, depending on what our clients need.

One common reason for geotechnical drilling is site investigation. Site investigation is conducted to determine whether or not a site will be suitable for construction.  It includes drilling to remove rock and soil samples along with drilling to evaluate soil stability and other topics of interest click here to read more

Radise Drilling Services, a geotechnical, environmental drilling
company based in West Palm Beach Florida. We have many years of
geotechnical and environmental drilling experience and we are proud to
providing professional drilling works. We are committed to being
responsive to your sample collection and testing requirements for SPT
Drilling, Permeability Testing, Rock Coring, Well Installation, etc.;
and aim to develop strong client relationships by maintaining a superior
level of quality and service.

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